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Bob’s Auto Glass is proud to be a preferred vendor for all insurance companies.  Please request Bob’s Auto Glass when calling your insurance company about your claim.

Why does my insurance company want me to use another glass shop?

Many insurance companies use a free order taking and billing service to handle their glass only claims.  These services are owned by large glass manufacturing companies that provide claim filing in exchange for being routed all of the calls.  If you don’t have a glass shop in mind, they will set your appointment with one of their shops.


You, the customer, have the right by law to choose any auto glass shop you wish to do business with.  It is against the law for your insurance company or their representatives to steer you to a specific shop.


When filing your claim, be sure to ask that Bob’s Auto Glass be assigned to complete your repairs.

If I file a claim for my windshield, will my rates go up?

Most auto glass is broken from stones thrown up by other cars on the road or vandalism.  Because these incidents are not your fault, but an “act of nature”, claims usually fall under your comprehensive insurance.  Since these claims have nothing to do with your driving skills, your rates should not be affected.  It is best to check with your insurance company.

Is it worth it for me to file a claim with a high deductible?

Insurance companies dictate our pricing for your insurance claim.  To minimize your out-of-pocket expense, we like to analyze each glass loss both ways – cash and insurance.  We’ll make sure you get the lowest cost. 

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